Let your inner keto chocoholic go on autopilot!

Keto Chow is the ultimate shake mix, delivering a serious YUM factor and supporting ketosis. 

  • Best tasting keto shake on the market
  • Nutritionally complete (⅓ of your daily nutrients in each serving)
  • Ready in minutes
  • No complicated calculations required

A Chocolate subscription takes the simplicity of Keto Chow to a new level. You choose the frequency of your shipment, and we take care of the rest! You can even change the flavor that you receive whenever you like so that if you happen to get tired of Chocolate (although that’s hard to imagine!), you can switch things up. If that wasn’t enough, every subscription is 10% off, making it a surefire way to keep your tastebuds and your wallet happy.

Step 1

Add fat source (heavy cream, melted butter, and/or oil)

Step 2

Add 1 serving of powder, either 1 packet (sample size) or 1 scoop (from the bulk bags)

Step 3

Add 1¾-2 cups slightly warm water (14oz or 414ml) – to the 20oz line

Step 4

Mix until all the powder is wet. You can also use a blender.

Step 5

Stick in your fridge for at least 30 minutes, though overnight is preferred for better flavor.



With only 3 carbs per serving, Keto Chow helps you eat what you want all while staying in ketosis.


Every Keto Chow shake mix comes packed with all of the vitamins and minerals you need. You can literally live off of it!


We aren't *just* a shake we are a full meal for 4.75. That's a tough price to beat.


There's a reason chocolate Keto Chow is a fan favorite. This delicious  meal replacement shake is to die for. It brings all of the chocolatey goodness of a chocolate milkshake with none of the sugar only 3 carbs! With Keto Chow you don't have to give up your favorites.


Keto Chow is more than a shake, it's also used in 100's of recipes


Chocolate Milkshake
Taste like a chocolate milkshake! I was skeptical at first, but was blown away! Always sad when it’s gone.

Tonya Smith

The Best of them all! You can add any flavor to the chocolate and get what you like.
Just add a tablespoon of peanut butter and you have another flavor. Add toffee stevia another flavor. Very good chocolate.

Thomas Glassner

Sooo Dang Good!
The Chocolate is smooth and tastes great. I don't get any of the Protein shake aftertaste I have with so many others. Love it!

B Cooper

Chocolate Keto Chow


With oodles of rich, creamy flavor in a chocoholic’s dream come true, Chocolate Keto Chow remains our number one seller, showing just how delicious keto can be. Use as a shake or in recipes like our Chocolate Peppermint Fudge.


Apple Pie Single Meal Packet and Shake
Apple Pie Single Meal Packet and Shake
Keto Chow Apple Pie Flavor with Apple Pie
Keto Chow Apple Pie Flavor with Apple Pie Shake
Keto Chow Apple Pie Flavor packaging and supplement facts
Keto Chow Apple Pie Flavored milkshake
Keto Chow Apple Pie Flavored milkshake with green apples

Apple Pie

Banana Bulk Meal Bag and Shake
Banana Bulk Meal Bag and Shake
Banana Single Meal Packet and shake
Banana Shake With Single PAcket
Banana Single Meal Packet
Banana Nutritional Info
Banana Keto Shake With Bulk Bag
Banana Bulk Meal Bags on a wooden table
Banana Supplement Info
Banana 21 Go-Pack

Banana Keto Chow

Caramel Macchiato Bulk Bag and SHake
Caramel Macchiato Bulk Bag and SHake
Caramel Macchiato Keto Chow
Caramel Macchiato Nutritional Info
Macchiato Single Meal Packet

Caramel Macchiato Keto Chow

Chocolate Bulk Meal Bag and Shake
Chocolate Bulk Meal Bag and Shake
Chocolate Single Meal Packet and Shake
Chocolate Shake and single meal packet
Chocolate Single Meal Packet
Chocolate Nutritional Info
Chocolate shakes and meal bags
chocolate Bulk bags on a table
Chocolate Nutritional Info
Chocolate Go-Pack

Chocolate Keto Chow