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A Keto Holiday Recipe Book

10 delicious keto recipes to try this holiday season


A Keto Friendly Way To Handle The Holidays

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Simplify Your Holidays With These 10 Delicious Keto Recipes.

6 Cooking Tips to Empower and Improve Your Kitchen Experience.

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You'll Find all the Keto Chow You  Need to Make Every Recipe in Our E-Book in This Bundle

Keto Chow December Chef Bundle
Keto Chow December Chef Bundle

Keto Chow December Chef Bundle

The holidays are stressful enough, and the December Chef Bundle is here to make your cooking more delicious and easier than ever. It's also fantastic value with a great discount off full price. In this bundle, you will receive:
  • Single meal Chocolate Mint
  • Single meal Savory Chicken Soup (x2!)
  • Single meal Cookies and Cream (x2!)
  • Singe meal Eggnog (x4!)
  • Single meal Pistachio (x2!)
  • Single meal Chocolate (x2!)
  • Single meal Apple Pie
  • Single meal Banana
  • Single meal Savory Taco
  • Awesome cutting board.
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