You should check out the reviews of Keto Chow, we also get a lot of reviews on our Facebook page and on the Keto Chow subreddit. It should be noted that we publish all of the reviews that come in – bad or good – as they are, typos intact. The only ones we remove are spam posts or reviews that divulge personal information.

Our most common complaints you'll see are:

  • Keto Chow is too thick or too salty - this happens if you don't add enough water. It's an easy fix, check out this video for an in-depth explanation
  • Keto Chow is too sweet - If you've been doing keto a long time, I can really understand that. The easiest fixes are either adding 1-3 ounces more water, or adding some salt. I'd actually prefer to have more salt anyway but our #1 complaint is that it's too salty (different people, different tastes!)
  • Keto Chow is too expensive - At around $3 a meal in the bulk bags or around $4 a meal in the samples, compared to a regular protein shake that's ONLY protein Keto Chow can look more expensive. The thing to understand is Keto Chow isn't just a protein shake snack, it's quite literally a complete meal with 1/3 of everything you need: all the vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, protein, fiber, and fats. It's specifically designed so that you can COMPLETELY replace an ENTIRE meal. Use it for breakfast, or lunch, use it for breakfast and lunch, you can even go so far as to eat it for ALL of your meals for months at a time. So yes, compared to a protein snack it's expensive, but compared to the $6.50 burger without a bun--that's tasty but not as filling as a Keto Chow--you'll find Keto Chow is cheaper, has better nutrition, and is a lot more convenient. That's what we're comparing Keto Chow to because it's a MEAL. There's a far more lengthy discussion of the nutrition and costs of other 'keto' meal replacement products and Keto Chow on
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Apple pie

I find the product hard to mix, tasty and enjoy the texture


I was very pleased with the flavor of Apple Pie...I would like more cinnamon in it but that is my preference. Thanks.

So awesome I ordered more!

I really was skeptical about whether or not this was going to be good...but I loved the shakes! I didn’t have a single flavor that I did not like...there were some that I preferred more than others but thew was nothing that I disliked out of the whole starter pack. Consistently delicious! Ordered more!

Delicious and Filling

I have tried all of the flavors in the starter bundle and I can honestly say they are delicious and very filling. Worked for lunches for me, very good.

Raspberry cheesecake

I love the rasp cupcakes! I've liked all of them. I'm not going to have the root beer cause I'm not a fan.


I love the chocolate keto chow it is a great meal replacement! and I'm losing weight!

Delicious and keeps me full for 4-6 hours!

I like to mix mine with Unsweetened almond milk and water and it's delicious!

7 day rest

We’ve only had it for 2 days… unsure of results but tastes good so far!

I hope this works!

I have been using Keto Chow for two weeks now and I hope it has the mineral content it claims to have because it is by far the roughest tasting supplement I have ever taken. It is soooooo salty. I will say I don't have an appetite after taking it which helps me while I intermittent fast. I giving it 3 stars simply because I haven't tried it very long and the taste is salty. I plan to keep taking it because of the benefits of the mineral content.


Tastes like orange sherbet

I Enjoying it.

OMG the Salted Caramel is the bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not a fan of the Vanilla though. Will definitely be ordering more Salted Carmel and other flavors

Tastes great!

I really love Keto Chow! It is helping me with my weight loss, while giving me a good meal replacement without having to put much work into it. This is really helpful for meal planning with a busy schedule!

Pie for breakfast

The lemon meringue flavor is yummy. There seems to be more meringue than lemon, but still one of my top 3 flavors

Delicious and filling

I’m really enjoying the ketochow mocha shakes. Heads and shoulders above any other meal replacement shake I have tried. I actually enjoy and look forward to lunch now! Thanks for making such an awesome product!

Banana love!

I thought the banana had a very good flavor, not too sweet.

Daily minerals drop bottle

I wish it came with a little drop bottle like my electrolytes did. The large bottle is inconvenient while trying to put a few drops in my morning coffee.

28 oz. Keto Chow Blender Bottles

Keto chow

Love it! I am already feeling better than I have in a long while.

Good price for amount!

Love it!

Salted Caramel

This is a great flavor and so easy! I can fix this the night before and be ready to go! It also blends nicely and does not have a grainy texture like some of the other diet drinks!

New Product

This product is new for me so I have just been using it a few days so not sure if I will feel a difference. I mask the taste by putting it in my morning tea, so it is not a deterrent to using everyday. All my other Keto chow products have been a hit and good quality so I don't doubt this one will be great too! I love that you collaborated with Dr. Berry!

Lemon meringue

Love this flavor

Tastes great, keeps me full and satisfied. definitely will be ordering again

Best Flavor Hands Down

This is my favorite flavor of Keto Chow. It tastes so good; it feel like cheating.