Keto Chow - Sample/Individual Meal (Sweet Flavors)

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These are a single meal "sample" of our sweet flavors, perfect for making one shake. We also have larger single flavor 21 meal bulk packages and savory flavors meant to be mixed up hot.

Looking for the limited edition flavors (lemon and pistachio)? They're over on a special page!

The Chocolate Peanut Butter samples come in a different package design - this is because the fat in the peanut flour clogs the machine we use for the other flavors. The shape of the package makes it look a bit like it's a protein bar but it's not =)

Customer Reviews

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Great taste!

I have mixed the strawberry flavor with cream and also with butter. The butter gives the mix a rich flavor! My favorite way is to put the strawberry mix in my ice cream maker!!!!

Wendy James
Chocolate Peanut Butter Shake

This has a really good flavor. I started my keto diet Monday, this is day 4 and I've had this for breakfast with some heavy cream every morning. I don't have time to cook bacon and eggs before going to work so this is very convenient as well.

Terry G
favorite flavor

Am a huge fan of most of the Keto Chow flavors (I do find vanilla sort of ehh) but Chocolate Peanut Butter is by far my favorite. Make it in the blender with lots of ice and 2-3 oz of heavy cream and water, as good as any milkshake

Cherie Whipple

Chocolate Peanut Butter Keto Chow

Judy Tolbert
Not my favorite

It is ok, but I prefer the plain Strawberry. I would not order this one again, but I really like the plain Strawberry over the Natural Strawberry. Keep the new flavors coming.

Gail Taliaferro
Mocha Flavor

Already in my top favorites. I will definitely replace mocha when I run out.

Regeana Fisher
Snickerdoodle Love

My absolute favorite!!

Damian Kenyon
Great product

Lost over a 100lb and going

Chris Chapple
Chocolate Keto Chow

I am not a chocolate person, but I do like the Chocolate Keto Chow. I make it and put in fridge overnight and it was like a chocolate shake. Once I left it in fridge for a couple days and it was like a chocolate mousse. I would recommend this flavor.