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Information on Keto Chow and the warning below: click here
⚠ WARNING: This product can expose you to lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

21 Meals of Keto Chow - bulk packed with a scoop for the best price per serving. Also available in individual meal samples. Check out the sweet flavors too!

Keto Chow Savory - for soups, baking, and other fun!


With the Beef Soup Base, we were experimenting around with different flavors: Clam Chowder, Beef Stew, Hot and Sour Soup, and more. We realized that rather than have it with a flavor, why not just leave it unflavored and let people use whatever they like?! So make soup, use it to bake, throw in some ground beef, go really nuts and mix it like a hot shake =); think of the Beef Soup Base as a blank canvas waiting for you to have fun. Without anything added it still has a nice beef flavor thanks to the beef bone broth protein. Works well with just about every fat we've tried including butter, beef tallow, bacon grease, duck fat, heavy cream, avocado oil, and more!


Savory Chicken Soup is one of the most versatile flavors of Keto Chow we have ever introduced with over a dozen recipes incorporating the Savory Chicken Soup, it also works exceptionally well simply as a soup with some meat and (maybe) some non-starchy vegetables. Without anything added it still has a nice chicken flavor. Works well with just about every fat we've tried including butter, beef tallow, bacon grease, duck fat, heavy cream, avocado oil, and more!


Creamy Tomato BasilYou know you want to find some low carb bread, make a grilled cheese sandwich and dip it in some of this. Go for it! Works well with just about every fat we've tried including butter, beef tallow, bacon grease, duck fat, heavy cream, avocado oil, and more!


Spicy Taco Soup; it's not super spicy, just enough for most people. If you like it spicier you can always add more! Try it with some ground beef, maybe a little onion and some avocado chunks? The Taco Soup works well with just about every fat we've tried including: butter, beef tallow, bacon grease, duck fat, heavy cream, avocado oil, and more!


We wanted a way to get great tasting, simple, and complete meals to make it easier to succeed with keto. That’s what Keto Chow is. 1/3 your daily nutrients in each serving, easy preparation, fantastic taste, ultimate convenience. Mix some up, grab and go. General information about Keto Chow (what it is, how to use it and more) can be found on the Keto Chow Info page.

Mixing instructions for the savory flavors (you mix them hot) can be found here.

  • 25g protein with a complete amino acid profile
  • 6.1g total carbs
  • 0.1g net carbs
  • 1486mg Potassium
  • 1170mg Sodium
  • 223mg Magnesium
  • 34 essential vitamins and minerals
  • High quality, bioavailable forms of the vitamins and minerals
  • More details about Keto Chow nutrition can be found here - including big versions of the nutrition labels =)
    • Beef Protein Isolate
    • Beef Bone Broth Protein
    • (the Savory Chicken Soup flavor uses Milk Protein Isolate)
    • Acacia Gum
    • Potassium Citrate
    • Salt
    • Xanthan Gum
    • Choline L-Bitartrate
    • Magnesium Malate
    • Potassium Chloride
    • Flavors
    • Vitamin Blend
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 18 reviews
    Chicken Soup

    Well, I found out fast to not mix the soup in a shaker bottle at work using hot water. In the future I will make with half warm water then shake it and add the hot water after the lumps are gone. My first try was more chicken and dumplings, but had great flavor!!

    you're correct - we have a page just for the instructions to mix the savory soups:
    I recommend you try it at least once.

    I'm tempted to give a higher rating but I want to be realistic here. The point of Keto Chow is to have a tasty and nutritious meal while on Keto, that's also easy to prepare. I think its GREAT that the company is exploring non-sweet flavors to help add variety. For now I'm just reviewing this one.

    I can't remember the last time I had tomato soup so its difficult to compare this to 'the real thing'. All I know is that this is not great or terrible to my tastebuds, it's passable. Unlike the sweet flavors, I feel very inclined to add other things to this to make it a 'meal', which you could argue is part of the point with the Savory flavors. I use 250g of water, a full cube of melted butter, then I add cheese, ham, and some garlic.

    There is a disclaimer on the package that high temperatures will destroy some of the vitamin content. I recommend you add the powder last, when the water is no longer being heated.

    In summary, this provides variation to the Keto Chow line-up with some trade-offs. It is one of the most expensive flavors, it takes more preparation to make it, and you want it to be hot without destroying the vitamins. I will be trying the other Savory flavors in a few weeks!

    Tomato and Taco Soups

    I didn't like the taste of either of the above mentioned savory soups, which did surprise me since I really like your non-savory drinks. Oh well, I just won't purchase them again and I definitely should have waited for them to come out in the sample sizes. It was a lot of money wasted on the purchase because I threw the two packages away.

    Spicy Taco is NOT My favorite

    I am really trying to figure out this Spicy Taco soup. The texture is a little weird for a soup, and the flavor is weird for a shake, so it's just...weird. I have only made 2 of them, and I just can't bring myself to make another. I wish there were returns. I would gladly take ANY of the sweet flavors.


    I mixed the chicken KC with chicken and mushroom bone broth, using butter as my fat source. It is very tasty.

    Keto Chow is complete nutrition for Nutritional Ketosis. It's a drink mix that quickly and easily makes a complete keto meal. It's not meant to replace your bacon and steak.

    Rather, it's targeted to replace the mundane meals; running to a meeting, breakfast in the car, stuck in class, etc...

    By design, a serving of Keto Chow provides 1/3 of your daily needs of electrolytes, vitamins, protein and more. The aim is that you could replace all your meals without ill effect if you are so inclined, but most users replace 1-2 meals a day and have a fantastic keto meal with family or friends for the 3rd. It's also quite tasty with a range of great flavors.

    You combine the powdered mix with your own personal amount of heavy cream (and water) to get the calories you want, anywhere from 800 calories a day, up to 5000 calories. Many liken the taste and texture to melted ice cream or a milkshake. The full-flavored mixture of Keto Chow does contain whey protein and artificial sweeteners; if those are a concern for you there's also a "Base Powder" option that has the electrolytes and vitamins but not the flavor/protein/sweetener. You can mix our base powder with a protein powder and sweetener of your choice. Want easy, complete nutrition give Keto Chow a try! People love Keto Chow over on Reddit! (which is saying a lot =) Check out This review, or this one, or this review. You can also search Reddit for "Keto Chow" or "KetoChow" - both sorted so the newest posts are always at the top.

    How to prepare Keto Chow (videos and more!)

    Nutritional Information

    Keto Chow comes in 2 sizes: 1 meal Samples, and 21 meal "Weeks" and a range of flavors

    Check out "Basics of Nutritional Ketosis – What is Keto, how to do it, how to succeed" for some great information about what Keto is and how to do it.