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One of the most difficult electrolytes to get is Magnesium, and even if you can find it, it's often in the Magnesium Oxide form that humans can't absorb. Keto Chow Mag Drops are made with concentrated Magnesium Chloride. It's dissolved in solution and in its ionic form for rapid absorption.

  • NO sugars
  • NO calories
  • NO caffeine
  • NO artificial ingredients

Available in two sizes:

  1. The small "Pocket Flask" with enough concentrate for 10 doses
  2. The large 250ml/8.3 oz "Refill" size with enough concentrate for 100 doses, plus it also includes a free empty Pocket Flask bottle!

Recommended Dosage: 200mg of magnesium (1/2 teaspoon or 1 full pocket flask cap) or as needed. It is recommended that you spread consumption throughout the day to improve absorption. Consuming a full dose or more at one time may have a laxidative effect. This solution is very bitter in isolation, but small amounts in foods or beverages may enhance flavors. Suggested uses:add to flavored water, coffee, tea, soups, or other food or drink.

For those sensitive to the mineral flavor, add lemon or lime juice. For the best tasting electrolyte water, use good quality water and mix thoroughly. The sea-mineral concentrate used in Mag Drops are from Utah's Great Salt Lake and are GRAS and comply with applicable standards for heavy metals from the U.S. F.C.C.

Picking the right Keto Chow Electrolyte Supplement

We have 3 different Electrolyte Supplements:

  • Electrolyte Drops: a balanced mix of Sodium, Potassium, and Magnesium (along with other trace minerals).
  • Mag Drops: concentrated Magnesium with some Sodium and Potassium (along with other trace minerals).
  • Fasting Drops: High levels of Sodium with some Magnesium and small traces of Potassium (along with other trace minerals).

Electrolyte Supplements Electrolyte Drops Magnesium Drops Fasting Drops

How to measure Mag Drops

The lid of the pocket flask doubles as a measuring device, the full lid is 1/2 teaspoon (2.46ml) and will give you the amounts shown on the label. 

How much should you use?

That's entirely up to you =) Around here we will take some right away if we feel a cramp coming on, aside from that we'll do a dose each day to keep Levels up and happy.


Customer Reviews

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Magnesium Plus

As I take large doses of magnesium already, these make it convenient to add extra without adding more pills.

Love it!

This has helped my nightly leg soreness. I’m glad to have found this. There is an odd taste if I take the recommended 1/4 tsp at once, so I simply break it in half and add to my coffee in the morning and any other drink in the afternoon. Mostly, I’ve noticed that my legs don’t hurt at night.


thank you for having so many great flavors. this is my 2nd order and I am hooked! Shipping was fast...


Magnesium Drops


Magnesium Drops

Keto Chow is complete nutrition for Nutritional Ketosis. It's a drink mix that quickly and easily makes a complete keto meal. It's not meant to replace your bacon and steak.

Rather, it's targeted to replace the mundane meals; running to a meeting, breakfast in the car, stuck in class, etc...

By design, a serving of Keto Chow provides 1/3 of your daily needs of electrolytes, vitamins, protein and more. The aim is that you could replace all your meals without ill effect if you are so inclined, but most users replace 1-2 meals a day and have a fantastic keto meal with family or friends for the 3rd. It's also quite tasty with a range of great flavors.

You combine the powdered mix with your own personal amount of heavy cream (and water) to get the calories you want, anywhere from 800 calories a day, up to 5000 calories. Many liken the taste and texture to melted ice cream or a milkshake. The full-flavored mixture of Keto Chow does contain whey protein and artificial sweeteners; if those are a concern for you there's also a "Base Powder" option that has the electrolytes and vitamins but not the flavor/protein/sweetener. You can mix our base powder with a protein powder and sweetener of your choice. Want easy, complete nutrition give Keto Chow a try! People love Keto Chow over on Reddit! (which is saying a lot =) Check out This review, or this one, or this review. You can also search Reddit for "Keto Chow" or "KetoChow" - both sorted so the newest posts are always at the top.

How to prepare Keto Chow (videos and more!)

Nutritional Information

Keto Chow comes in 2 sizes: 1 meal Samples, and 21 meal "Weeks" and a range of flavors

Check out "Basics of Nutritional Ketosis – What is Keto, how to do it, how to succeed" for some great information about what Keto is and how to do it.